Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800 Price Cut on 2012

Eldar Murtazin strikes back again. He just said in a tweet that Nokia has already decided a price cut for the Lumia 800 that will take effect on second half of January or by February 2012. The price of Lumia 800 will be slashed by 15%. Eldar calls it "success", ironically.

Well for me, it has been a tradition of Nokia to slash prices of a product after maybe 6 months or so, but for a newly launched product, I don't think it's good, given that the Lumia 800 is not yet even released in many countries.

Source: Twitter

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Im not against 800 or anything, sure it's a thing of beauty no question about it but come on, you can't brag the features, OS and the Specs...1ghz for a company flagship while the others have 2.5 for their support units..

An early price cut is good for customers :)

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