Saturday, May 26, 2012

Game Review: Shark Dash by Gameloft

Shark Dash is physics game that works more or less the same as Angry Birds.

Playing the game is fairly easy. In the first few levels you will be shown some tutorials on how to play it. In the game, you will have to aim Sharkee to the ducks and get coins as well. You will have to use the least possible tries that you can get at once.

The graphics of Shark Dash is very high quality, at least on the iOS version. The details are just appearing crystal clear. The music when playing doesn't also distract the player from concentrating on it.

Shark Dash has started off with 96 levels included on it. The levels just continues to get difficult to play as you progresses on. There is also a 3-star rating system where you will have to get all the coins and the ducks as well as to get the least number of tries doing that - that will surely keep you replaying each levels, adding even more gameplay time.

OVERALL: 4.67/5
Easy gameplay, very clear graphics, nice sounds, and very long lasting value makes Shark Dash a must-have on your device!

Title: Shark Dash
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Gameloft
Download Links: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad | Android

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