Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Here's Why You Should Not Go to Cellphone Repair Shops and Pay for a Jailbreak

Do you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and usually visit a cellphone repair shop for them to jailbreak your phone? If you do, then read on.

With the upcoming release of the jailbreak for the iOS 5.1.1, I just thought that it would be worth mentioning here that you can have it without paying a person who's not actually the one who developed it. In short, you can jailbreak you iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch for free. You should not pay those people at repair shops at the malls. Why? Because it is not their creations!

All you need is a common sense and some Google search skills. If you're really lazy, I'll point you to the right direction. Visit the iOS Dev-Team Blog and look for the instructions on how you can free your device from Apple's walled garden.

Afraid that you might brick your device? It's just one click away from being live again on iTunes.

Remember though that the main purpose of jailbreaking is to install tweaks that Apple do not allow on the App Store. DO NOT PIRATE APPS!

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