Friday, May 4, 2012

Samsung Introduces the GALAXY S III

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has finally unpacked the most awaited GALAXY S III at Earls Court, London.

Among the major specs include a 4.8-inch screen with 720p (HD) resolution, an 8 Megapixels main camera and a 1.9 Megapixel front-facing one which will be used in some natural interactions of the device. The Samsung Galaxy S III will run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

“With the GALAXY S III, Samsung has maximized the consumer benefits by integrating superior hardware with enhanced smartphone usability,” said JK Shin, President and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung. “Designed to be both effortlessly smart and intuitively simple, the GALAXY S III has been created with our human needs and capabilities in mind. What makes me most proud is that it enables one of the most seamless, natural and human-centric mobile experiences, opening up a new horizon that allows you to live a life extraordinary.”

Natural Interaction
The Samsung GALAXY S III will be using it's front-facing camera to naturally react with how are you using your phone. For instance, the Smart stay feature will track your eyes when let's say reading an e-book or reading a webpage to automatically adjust the screen brightness.

Another feature is the S voice - which sounds like Samsung's version of Siri. It can do searches, snoozing alarms, play your songs or videos, turning the volume up or down, and even launch the camera and take a photo for you - hands free.

The Direct call feature will track your motions and movements, for example, just lift the phone when typing a message and it will call the person you're texting right away - perfect if you changed your mind. Lastly, Smart alert will make the device vibrate after you picked it up - if you have any missed calls or messages.

Fast Instant Sharing
When it comes to sharing, Samsung has equipped the GALAXY S III with what they call the S Beam. It extends the Android Beam functionality which allows fast large file transfers. How does a 3 minute 1GB file transfer sound? The Buddy photo share feature will let you share photos with another GALAXY S III user right from the camera or gallery app, just tap and share. Powered by NFC for sure.

Moving forward, the AllShare Cast feature will let you wirelessly connect to your television enabling you to stream content from your device. For those file-transfer tasks, the AllShare Play feature will help you on that - you can transfer any kind of files to your tablets, computers, or televisions. Under it is the Group Cast, which will let you share your screen with your colleagues, friends, or anyone as long as you're in the same Wi-Fi network. You can then make changes on what is displayed on your screen together. Think about remote access.

Samsung GALAXY S III Specifications and Features
4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen with 1280x720 (HD) resolution
8 Megapixels autofocus camera with LED flash, zero shutter lag and BIS sensor
1.9 Megapixel front-facing camera also with zero shutter lag and BIS sensor
1080p Full HD video recording @ 30 fps
16 / 32 GB internal storage, 64 GB (available soon)
microSD card slot up to 64 GB
Samsung features: S Beam, Buddy photo share, Share shot, AllShare Play, AllShare Cast, Smart stay, Social tag, Group tag, Face zoom, Face slide show, Direct call, Smart alert, Tap to top, Camera quick access, Best shot & Best photo, Recording snapshot, HDR
Wi-Fi a/b/g/n
Wi-Fi HT40
Bluetooth 4.0(LE)
RGB light
Digital compass
2,100 mAh battery capacity
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS
HSPA+ 21 Mbps
LTE (market dependent)

The Samsung GALAXY S III sure looks very good to me! When they announced the GALAXY S II last year, I had the feeling of it being 'meh', but this one, it's different. The design is the same square-y iPhone type. The battery capacity is also above standard, but since it has a very large screen, I think it's just right that they've put that here.

The Samsung GALAXY S III will be available in Pebble Blue and Marble White colors, with more being worked on for a later availability. The device will go on sale on May 29th starting in Europe, with roll-outs for other markets later on. No pricing info has been announced yet.

More official press shots below.

UPDATE: We got more photos from the event, straight from Samsung Philippines! =)

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the look is underwhelming imho.

Samsung just ripped off Siri with S Voice. Pathetic

The specs are not so incredible either. The camera resolution is still at 8MP. 2100 mAh battery sounds good, but it is a 4.8 inch quad core (it does not have a fifth core for small tasks like NVIDIA Tegra 3) and the eye tracking will eat up the battery fast...

Pretty please mister jonjon? :(

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