Monday, May 14, 2012

Smart Starts Offering the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

In an unprecedented move, Smart has started to offer the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS to its postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

The iPhone 4 and 3GS they are both offering is only the cheaper 8 GB variant. The two are now available on Smart on their iPhone Plans and Unlimited Data Plans. What bothers me though is that both devices has the same plan pricing! You can get one now for only zero pesos on the iPhone Plan 2499 and on Unlimited Data Plan 2000.

Another thing that was missed by Smart is the prepaid pricing of the iPhone 4. As of now, it retails for just P29,000. You can already get a 16 GB 4S with that sum of money!

Alright, enough rants for now.

UPDATE: Smart has update the plans and pricing details for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. You can now get your own iPhone 3GS for only P5,000 on Unlimited Data Plan 999 or P2,000 on Unlimited Data Plan 1,500. There's still no info on the prepaid price of it. Moreover, the iPhone 4 goes for as low as P8,000 on Unlimited Data Plan 1500 or P20,000 on Unlimited Data Plan 999. They also stock an 8 GB iPhone 4 in white!

UPDATE 2: I did a bit of research on Apple's website and found out that an unlocked 8 GB iPhone 3GS sells for $375, which translates to about P16,000. Its slightly older brother - the unlocked 8 GB iPhone 4 sells for $549 which is about P23,500. So there you have it - a price comparison between Smart and Apple.

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smart made changes like unli data plan 999 wherein there's a cash out of 5k for 3gs and 20k for iphone 4. unfortunately, their CSRs are not aware that they have them already. do you have any news on 3gs/4 prepaid kit for smart?

 Hi Tom. Yes Smart offers the iPhone 4 without contract. The price is crazy though! It goes for P29,000 right now at their online store. Hopefully they will make some adjustments on it.

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