Friday, May 11, 2012

SMART Adjusts Always-on Data Plan Rates

Smart Communications recently tweaked their Always-on data plans to make it more affordable.

Smart has added two new plans: the cheapest P10 daily plan which gives you an ample 5 MB worth of data, and the 1 month P99 plan which has 50 MB, exactly the same with Globe's PowerSurf 99.

They have also adjusted the pricing of some plans, notably the 1 GB plan which is now down to just P499 versus the previous price of P750. I've created a comparison chart of the previous pricing of Smart's Always-on Plans.

Volume-based data plans, which was only introduced by local carriers late last year, is a standard across many countries abroad. For example, AT&T has the 3 GB data plan for $30. This kind of data plan is much more preferred for mobile phones, which only consumes small amounts of data.

Here's a scenario, if you are subscribed to the P10 5 MB plan and read one message on your e-mail, fell asleep for 12 hours with your data connection on, you won't have a bill shock, compared to if you're on the time-based charging of P10 for 30 minutes which will cost you P240.

Smart's Always-on data plans will work on Smart Prepaid, Smart Postpaid, and Broadband Prepaid only. To register, just text ON [AMOUNT - 10, 20, 30, etc.] and send it to 2200.

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