Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Apple To Start Selling Unlocked iPhones In the Philippines?

Globe Telecom has been the only carrier that offers the iPhone here in the Philippines in the past 3 years. Customers has no option to get an unlocked iPhone, but rather they have to buy Globe-locked units at authorized resellers or at Globe Stores itself. But lo and behold, what's that thing doing in there at Apple Online Store? Apple has added the Smart as an option there, as well as a list pointing to the Apple Online Store, with a text that reads, "Order your new iPhone 4S from the Apple Online Store starting 16 December."

Will Apple finally start to offer unlocked iPhones? It's possible, considering that 2 carriers will soon sell it. There's no reason for Apple not to sell unlocked iPhones anymore.

We're two days away from the launch date. So, we'll see.

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Here in SG it is not locked to any carrier :D

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