Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Unboxing: The Nokia 700 - It's NFC Time!

Today we have the Nokia 700 for the unboxing! Read on for more photos and impressions on what the Nokia 700 has to offer.

The phone is alone... It has no extra cases whatsoever unlike on the Nokia 500.

This is what will greet you inside.

We have the Nokia Charger AC-15, similar to the one included in the Nokia N8 package.

We have the Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-179. This can be also used to charge the phone if connected to a computer.

This is the Nokia Stereo Headset, along with those two earbuds. The headset has only one control available, the 'answer' key for calls.

Again., the usual paper works, the My Nokia Service Card, a Nokia Care card, and the User Guide and the Product and Safety Information.

Hey, are you the type of person who doesn't read the manuals of your phone? This time you may want to do so. A special surprise is waiting for you! ;)

The Nokia 700 is a very compact, small, and light smartphone. It's even small than my brother's Nokia C2-03.

The back side of the phone houses the 5 Megapixels camera along with the LED flash. The battery cover is made of stainless steel which adds a bit of heft to the phone, with the Nokia logo embossed on it. A lanyard hole is available on the bottom.

Look how slim this phone is! This is much slimmer than my Nokia N8!!

The speaker grille is located on the bottom of the phone... which adds an impression of it being a slider phone. My mom thought so. :D

Hello there Belle! How are you? Can we be friends? We're going to review this phone in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! :)

You can now get a Nokia 700 at Nokia Stores nationwide for only P14,000. To know more about the Nokia 700, please click here.

A special shout-out and thank you to Nokia Philippines for providing us this review unit! :D

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The price is already there. Learn to read. :)
Nokia 700 - P14,000
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