Monday, December 12, 2011

EXCLUSIVE! Globe Plan and Pricing Details On iPhone 4S

This just in! The following will be the pricing scheme for the iPhone 4S on pre-paid on Globe.

iPhone 4S 16GB - P37,599
iPhone 4S 32GB - P43,399
iPhone 4S 64GB - P49,199

If we will compare the SRPs of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, you will notice that the price for the 16GB variant has changed, up by P100 from the previously P37,499 for the 16GB iPhone 4, while the price of the 32GB variant has gone down by P300, from the previous price of P43,699 on the 32GB iPhone 4. The new 64GB variant of the iPhone 4S is priced at a steep P49,199.

However, you can get these at a cheaper price if you will get them at some online sellers. I found one listing that sells the 16GB iPhone 4S for as low as P36,500 while the 64GB sells at only P43,500 on the same listing.

We're still waiting for the word on the plans and pricing details of the iPhone 4S on postpaid.

Oh by the way, I almost forgot. The iPhone 4 16GB still retails for P37,499. Although we're expecting a price-drop soon. Globe better be announce this soon.

UPDATE: I talked to a Globe agent again to ask for any updated information on the prepaid SRPs. And they has slightly changed it.

iPhone 4S 16GB - P37,690
iPhone 4S 32GB - P43,490
iPhone 4S 16GB - P49,290

Globe's SRPs for the iPhone 4S is a bit steep compared to Smart's SRPs. Here's the SRPs for Smart:

iPhone 4S 16GB - P33,200
iPhone 4S 32GB - P38,200
iPhone 4S 16GB - P43,200

The Globe agent also said that the iPhone 4 is not being offered anymore but the iPhone 3GS is still available for P23,899.

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good thing its not more exclusive to globe. I thought the price will gonna be like 60k. coz when they release iiphone4 the price is much higher that the price of apple

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