Friday, December 30, 2011

T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 Appears On eBay Ahead Official Launch

I saw an eBay listing just this morning on a T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 but I ignored it because it was already 5AM here and I'm already on the couch lying down. So, here's the story...

There's still 12 days left before the Nokia Lumia 710 arrives on T-Mobile. But that has not stopped an eBay seller to put up an auction on the said device. The seller claims that he/she just won the device from Nokia, or probably from T-Mobile. Right now, the current bid is at $355 and there's still 5 days left before the bidding ends. So, if you want to be the first owner of the Lumia 710 on the US of A, head on to eBay and place your bids now. The seller is also a trusted one, with 100% feedback. Another glance on the packaging below.

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