Saturday, July 20, 2013

Globe to allow porting of prepaid number to postpaid soon?

Globe Prepaid to Postpaid Number Porting

Every prepaid-phone-user-who-want-to-switch-to-postpaid’s problem ever: losing their much loved phone number especially if they’ve had it for years.

Well it seems like Globe will have a solution to that problem. On their official community forum, several Globe users are asking whether this number porting from prepaid to postpaid is possible. Of course they were answered with the usual no’s and all. But a Globe employee who goes by the name ‘MDGofGlobe’ posted something different — he said in one word, “soon…”

How soon is soon? Me thinks that this is related to Globe’s IT systems upgrade and that as soon as it’s done, they will be able to offer this new option to those who want to switch, and if so, will make them the first carrier in the country to do so.

Take note that this most probably does not include porting of numbers from other carriers like Smart and Sun.

So, whatcha think?

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My company (who has corporate globe account) is already doing this, I opt not to as the possibility of me leaving the company and I still get contacted from someone in my company

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