Friday, July 19, 2013

Samsung showcases SideSync, bridges the gap between ATIV and GALAXY

Samsung SideSync 2

You are busy working on a document on your laptop and suddenly, a text message arrives. What do you do? Of course you grab your phone, view the message and type your reply if needed. And then your focus is taken out from what you’re working on.

Now, imagine if you can just do all the things that you need to do on your phone right on your PC. In an intimate event recently, Samsung demonstrated SideSync, which does exactly just that. It has three main features namely Keyboard and Mouse Sharing, Phone Screen Sharing, and Automatic Backup.

Samsung SideSync Keyboard and Mouse Sharing

In the Keyboard and Mouse Sharing mode, users are able to make their phones an extension of their PC. You can use your phone using the mouse or track pad just by moving the mouse pointer to the phone screen. Aside from that, you can also take advantage of the full-fledged keyboard to send text messages and even highlight and copy texts from the phone to PC and vice-versa. Your phone basically becomes an ‘extension monitor’ in Keyboard and Mouse Sharing mode.

Samsung SideSync

The Phone Screen Sharing mode, on the other hand, mirrors your phone display on a window on your PC. Everything that’s taking place on your phone can now be seen and means that you can remotely control your phone from your PC.

Now let’s say you’re doing your work on your PC and need to send a quick text message, you don’t have to take your hands off the keyboard and interrupt your work anymore. You just switch from whatever window is active to the virtual phone on your PC and do it from there.

You can also copy files to the phone just by dragging a file to the the phone screen. Files are then automatically saved to a designated SideSync folder on the phone for easy retrieval. The data on your phone are automatically backed up on your PC every time you use SideSync.

For now, SideSync utilizes USB connection which means you will still have to have your phone and a cable beside you to use of all the features above, which kinds of defeats the purpose of the software. But don’t fret, Samsung said that they are already working on an update to make SideSync work with Wi-Fi connections.

SideSync is available for all Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets running on Android Jelly Bean and above. The PC software is exclusive to ATIV devices.

You can try SideSync for yourself by visiting any of the following Samsung Stores: SM DasmariƱas, SM Lanang, SM Bacoor, SM Gensan, SM North Annex, Ayala Mall Centrio CDO, SM Cebu, and Festival Mall.

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