Sunday, May 19, 2013

5 Things You Should Know About AMD


If you own a desktop computer or a laptop, chances are you’ve seen that tiny AMD sticker placed on the palm rest of your laptop or on the front of your desktop’s CPU. You probably have been wondering, what’s AMD?

To start with, AMD, which stands for Advance Micro Devices, is a multinational company which develops semi-conductor solutions like PC and graphics processors for consumer and commercial purposes. Having a great market presence in the Southeast Asia, AMD goes on making buzz and new records as they continue to innovate and develop new achievements.

Ryan Sim, General Manager of AMD Far East Ltd., and Sonny Sy, AMD’s National Sales Manager for the Philippines shared AMD’s plans for the coming year. They also talked about some interesting facts about the company, some of which are milestones they are proud of.

In the big screen
The AMD Radeon™ is the world’s fastest and most advanced graphics cards. In tests made by AMD as of May 22, 2012, single-GPU graphics cards such as the AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 showed higher performance in running graphics-intensive programs and applications than the other brand. The company’s graphics chips also provided the means to make special movie effects that netted billions in worldwide revenues.

Powers supercomputers
The world’s number one supercomputer, the Titan, is powered by AMD processors. The Titan reigns supreme, dethroning IBM’s Sequoia with a performance of 17.59 petaflops. 24 of the world’s top computers are also powered by AMD processors.

King in overclocking
When it comes to overclocking, AMD chips are unparalleled in terms of performance and endurance. Overclocking, the process of exceeding the chip's clock rate, tends to break and challenge the durability of the chip, therefore increasing the performance and speed. AMD’s FX octo-core processor broke records with speeds reaching 8.249 Ghz and is still the current World Record Holder for the Fastest Overclocked CPU.

In your hands
Next-generation consoles such as the upcoming Playstation 4 and Xbox will be powered by AMD chips. The Nintendo Wii U, which is already on the market, uses AMD hardware. This proves the versatility and the reputation of the chip when it comes to providing fluid gaming experience. AMD not only proves itself when it comes to the gaming scene, but also when it comes to powering servers. Last year, about 500,000 enterprises relied on AMD-based servers.

AMD’s APU Technology accelerates the performance of more than 500,000 programs and applications. The APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) combines the GPU and the CPU in a single chip. This in turn increases the transfer rate and also lessens the power consumption compared to two discrete chips. AMD’s APUs uses Radeon™ as its GPU, making it an all-around hardware even on graphics-intensive applications. AMD chips are offered at a competitive price and is widely available in the market.

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