Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Samsung presents its latest Series LED monitors and Xpress printers

Samsung Series LED Monitors and Xpress Printers

Whether you’re a designer, a gamer, or a professional who needs equipment like monitors and printers, Samsung has got you covered. Samsung recently demonstrated the performance, flexibility, and efficiency of their latest Series LED monitors and Xpress printers.

"We are very pleased to present the latest range of monitors and printers from Samsung," says Hannah Castillo, Head of Product Marketing Group. "These products are designed to provide optimum performance and efficient productivity to every user. Samsung fans can really look forward to a perfect partnership with these new sleek yet power-packed offerings."

Samsung Series 3 LED Monitor Philippines

The Samsung Series 3 LED Monitor features a 2ms response time, which makes for a fast refresh rate and prevents images from getting distorted. The fast response time results in a significantly better gaming experience as it can accommodate all those blazing-fast moving objects easily. It also supports MHL or Mobile High-Definition Link so you can connect your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and mirror what’s on your phone on to the monitor. You can also watch your favorite television shows while you work with the Picture in Picture Plus feature of the Series 3. Yes, it has a built-in TV tuner.

Samsung Series 5 LED Monitor Philippines 2

No, the Series 5 LED Monitor doesn’t have a floating display. What Samsung did is add a crystal-like stand which reflects the color of the environment that provides an illusion that it is floating. It sports a sleek and premium finish and features Magic Upscale that enhances the image quality, even the source is a low-res one. With a 1080p full HD resolution, the Series 5 is suitable for those who design stuff.

Samsung Series 8 LED Monitor Philippines (3) Samsung Series 8 LED Monitor Philippines

The Series 8 LED Monitor, on the other hand, has a WQHD resolution — that’s 2560x1440. It thus gives 4x clearer display quality than the average HD monitors. The monitor itself can be tilted from landscape to portrait or to just about any angle for added convenience. It also sports a 178-degree viewing angle, perfect for those who run a multi-monitor setup.

Samsung Xpress Printer Philippines

Along with those top-of-the-line monitors, Samsung also showcased its duo of Xpress printers. The Samsung Xpress and Pro Xpress printers can now handle up to 30 pages per minute at an estimated cost of about 58-cents. Talk about efficiency — perfect for those who have small businesses.

Printouts are of improved quality with vibrant colors, thanks to Samsung’s unique ReCP or Rendering Engine for Clean Page. ReCP automatically sharpens the focus of both graphics and text, while solid objects are overlapped to eliminate white gaps.

Samsung's Xpress printers allows you to print documents and photos wirelessly straight from your smartphones or tablets. It also has the Auto Duplex feature for double-sided printing which helps cut down your paper usage.

They also developed a polymerized toner for its printers, which has smaller and more uniform particles than traditional toners. It gives out crisper lines, more vivid colors, improved image gloss, and prevents unwanted fading.

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