Sunday, May 26, 2013

Globe ups the ante in postpaid race with the improved MySuperPlan

Globe Best Ever MySuperPlan

Globe Telecom recently held the formal launch of the Best Ever MySuperPlan, their newest product innovation yet which lets customers take customizing and personalizing their own plans to the next level.

The improved and better MySuperPlan was revealed for the first time a few weeks ago when Globe launched the Samsung Galaxy S4. in the formal launch, they talked a little more about it and explained how it fares better than their previous plans.

First, the MySuperPlan has what Globe calls the ‘Peso Value (PV)’, which you can use to avail of call, text, or data combos, devices, or as consumables. Basically, 1 PV is equal to P1. But here’s what’s really exciting about the Peso Value thing — you will get more Peso Value than the amount you actually pay for. For example, if you sign up for the Plan 499, you’ll be given 900 Peso Value per month. That’s easily worth P900 when you use it as a consumable.

Next, there’s combos. Combos can be used against your monthly Peso Values. You can choose and mix your own set of combos ranging from 50MB of surfing (99 PV), 20 minutes of calls to Globe (100 PV), 5 minutes & 100 texts to all networks (100 PV), 125 texts to all networks (100 PV), 5 IDD minutes & 5 IDD texts (100 PV), unlimited BlackBerry surfing (599 PV), and unlimited surfing (999 PV).

For those who are getting a smartphone or other devices with a plan, you need to take in mind that a mandatory PV amount will be deducted on your monthly PV allocation and that you will still need to pay the cash-out fee if there’s any. Take this as an ‘entrance fee’ of sort. What this means is that you cannot use your Peso Value to pay for the smartphone that you’ll get.

Lastly, there’s boosters, which are like combos but are billed on top of your plan by default. For example, if you’re getting the Plan 999, you’ll have a Peso Value allocation of 1,700 per month. Now let’s say you want to get the Galaxy S4, deduct 600 PV (for the cash-out ‘entrance fee’) and 999 PV for the unlimited data and you have 101 PV remaining, which in turn you can use from the 5 minutes & 100 texts combo. Now you don’t have any more PV (actually you have one more) remaining. If you want to have unlimited calls & texts to Globe, you should avail of that particular booster and be charged P599 on top of your P999 monthly plan. Unused Peso Values are automatically converted to consumables.

Globe MySuperPlan Sample

Aside from that, you can now also choose your own contract period — from 6, 12, 18, 24, or 30 months. Take in mind though that shorter contracts mean higher cash-outs and longer contracts mean lower cash-outs.

Now here’s an interesting tidbit I discovered. If you already own a phone and want a line-only plan, take a look at this. You can get a Plan 499 with 900 Peso Value and get the unlimited data combo (999 PV) at just P99 on top of your bill. If you want some calls and texts, you can further add the 5 minutes & 100 texts combo for another P100. That’s just P700 for a plan with unlimited data with calls and texts. Now that’s awesome!

Globe MySuperPlan Sample 2

You can try it for yourself by going to Globe’s website.

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