Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Viber releases app for Windows and Mac, updates its Android and iPhone apps

Viber for Windows and Mac

If you always fancy free call and text apps, take a good seat and look at this. Viber, a very popular app which lets people send text messages and make calls for free on their phones, has just released the Windows and Mac versions of their app!

Viber for Windows and Mac allows its users to do the basic Viber features such as making calls, send text messages, send photos, and engage in group conversations — all without any cost on your part. In addition, the Windows and Mac versions adds support for video calling, although the app notes the feature is still in beta. It also supports transferring of calls between your PC or Mac and your phone, even while the call is active.

Setting up Viber for Windows or Mac only requires two steps; first is entering your phone number and then typing the verification code sent to the Viber app on your phone. After that, all your contacts who use Viber will be synced to your PC or Mac immediately.

Viber for Android Viber for Android 2 Viber for iOS

Viber also release updates to its Android and iOS apps. Viber 3.0 for Android and iOS brings support for the Windows and Mac versions, transferring of calls, online status indicator, video messages, auto-download of photos, photo captions, and more stickers.

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