Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Globe bares new Tattoo@Home landline and internet plans

Globe Tattoo@Home New Plans 1

Globe recently announced an update to their Tattoo@Home landline, WiMax, and DSL plans, a move aimed to appease the budget-conscious people looking to get a home broadband and landline for their homes.

For those who are looking to do light internet activities, Globe has the starter Plan 799. It includes a landline with unlimited NDD, Globe, and TM calls, a 1Mbps internet that has a monthly data allowance of 3GB. I told you, this is for light users only. If you want a higher data allowance and speed, you can opt to get the Plan 1,099 for 2Mbps with 10GB allowance or the Plan 1,299 for 3Mbps with 15GB allowance. The two plans also include unlimited NDD, Globe, and TM calls.

For the real heavy users, they have their premium home broadband plans which doesn’t have monthly capping. Premium home broadband plans start at Plan P1,099 for 1Mbps internet and goes for as much as P2,299 for 5Mbps internet. It is worth writing that the 3Mbps plan which used to be priced at P2,299 per month now goes for only P1,599. Globe also have the Plan 1,299 for 2Mbps.

All premium broadband plans include unlimited NDD, Globe, and TM calls. They are subject to a daily fair use policy. I personally have the 2Mbps plan at home and it’s really great. It does have a 5GB daily allowance which pretty much enough for me. We do heavy YouTube and iWantv streaming and occasionally download files (phone firmware, updates, and stuff) and I’ve never been throttled, at least, yet.

Anyway, it looks like the Plan P1,599 is the best choice if you’re switching for PLDT. At the moment, PLDT offers the Plan 999 DSL which has a 1.5Mbps speed, that’s excluding the P650 landline service which is mandatory (P1,649 total). To their credit, PLDT doesn’t implement data allowances.

Globe Tattoo@Home New Plans 2

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