Thursday, May 9, 2013

Globe bares new MyRewards offers, seals partnership with Figaro, Wendy’s, and Enchanted Kingdom among others


At a press briefing today, Globe Telecom has revealed its new and more exciting MyRewards offers that subscribers may avail of using their points. Globe has shared how successful the rewards program is — to date. over 12 million subscribers have already used their points to redeem various rewards such as call & text services, electronics, and gift certificates.

“The positive impact the rewards program has impress on subscribers is translated to the brands’ churn rates being sustained at low levels. The subscribers’ continued use of Globe services was also reinforced as a result of giving subscribers the type of rewards no other mobile network can offer,” shared Jay Beltran, Head of Customer Lifecycle Management at Globe.


Those redemptions have usually been delivered thru the traditional way of courier, which makes it quite not efficient due to the long waiting times and the delivery charges paid off by Globe. Starting from now on, Globe will make using your reward points easier. Redemptions can now be done instantly at the place you intend to use the points on. Say you want a coffee, then just type the code the cashier tells you, send it, and boom, free or discounted coffee for you! It’s that easy. So easy that Globe says about P7-million worth of goods have been already redeemed during the pilot program.

Your reward points can be redeemed towards free or discounted purchases at the initial partner establishments which include Ayala Malls Cinemas, Enchanted Kingdom, Figaro Coffee, Petron, Rose Pharmacy, Sunglass Hut, and Wendy’s Hamburgers.

What’s even more exciting is that the minimum threshold to redeem points has gone substantially lower, likely thanks to the elimination of the costs related to the delivery of the items. For example, you can use points as low as P50 to redeem items at Figaro, Petron, Rose Pharmacy, and Wendy’s.

Globe has now also simplified the value of the points as to avoid confusion for the customers. 1 point is now equivalent to a P1-value. You can still also redeem points to the existing items like call & text services, gift certificates for shopping and dining, and electronics.


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